Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well, we've been hit by our first major winter storm here in the Midwest - and it's a lulu! School let out early yesterday and no school today because of 14 inches of snow. Yikes! It was so bad, my office closed today - and we never close! Basically, if you can make it to work, great; if not, stay home and stay safe. About half of us live in town (I live less than a mile from the office), the other half much further out, so typically the townies are stuck working while the others burn a vacation/comp day.

Spent the day inside with the kids while my husband was outside with the snowblower. The kids and I did laundry, played video and board games, and got out the watercolor paints. I also baked the Garlic Basil Muffins from the VegNews e-newsletter. A new recipe - they turned out really well. A nice, savory biscuit in muffin form.

No school tomorrow (very dangerous wind chills in the forecast), but I'm sure I'll be at the office while my husband is home with the kids. I hope they don't go stir-crazy!

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